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It is difficult to describe how beautiful Skopelos island is
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Skopelos is the greenest island in Agean sea. Beautiful beaches covered with pines, clean and blue waters and most of all friendly people, will make your holidays unique. Visit Skopelos island and Skopelos beaches. Skopelos holidays are the best choice for summer vacation after a long and difficult winter.Skopelos rooms,hotels and Skopelos apartments next to Skopelos port are also a good choice Visit Skopelos Mon Repos where you can have a great time during your vacation. It is situated next to Skopelos port, in front of the sea and close to the beaches.

Spend your holidays in Skopelos island, the most green and beautiful island in Aegean Sea
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Holidays in Skopelos island
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Sporades Islands Skopelos Holidays
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Skopelos rooms
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